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Integrity. Accountability. 


The Davis Family

​Delaware's next Member of Congress needs to be someone who fully appreciates the challenges faced and the values shared by families of all backgrounds and from every corner of the state.

  • Raised in Sussex County, Delaware

  • Resides in Bethany Beach, Delaware

  • One of eight children

  • Married, mother of three children

  • Indian River High School Graduate

  • Degree in Molecular Biology from Philadelphia University

  • Drove an ambulance in Philadelphia to help pay for college

  • Served as an operating room physician assistant practicing in neurosurgery and obstetrics and gynecology in Delaware-based hospitals

  • Volunteered on a variety of local, national and international medical service trips

  • Unseated a Republican State Treasurer in 2018 and re-elected to a second term in 2022.

  • Recipient of the 2022 AARP 'Super Saver Award' for her tireless work addressing the retirement crisis and wealth inequity gap


Treasurer Colleen Davis has earned a reputation as a principled, innovative and practical servant - focused on some of the most important issues confronting Delaware.


Serves on the following boards:

  • Board of Pardons

  • Cash Management Policy Board

  • State Employee Benefits Committee

  • Agricultural Land Preservation Board

  • Plans Management Board

  • Government Efficiency and Accountability Board

  • Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council

  • National Association of State Treasurers, Eastern Region Vice President

With her years of experience as State Treasurer, a small business owner, and a healthcare professional, Colleen will be ready to fight for Delaware families from day one in Congress.

Proven Results

Values in Action

Financial Security

Colleen passed legislation that creates Delaware EARNS - a program that will provide a more secure financial future for over 150,000 Delawareans who do not have access to a retirement savings plan at work.

Why It Matters: Delaware workers are facing a retirement savings crisis. Today, more than 9,000 of our seniors live in poverty, and the shrinking of the middle class has put many more at risk in the future. With Delaware EARNS, every Delawarean can retire with confidence and dignity.

Protecting Your Tax Dollars

Colleen Manages Over $5 Billion of the State's Investments as State Treasurer.

Why It Matters: Sound management of State funds means we are protecting your tax dollars, which fund critical state services such as healthcare, education and our infrastructure.

Saving for the Future

Colleen has grown the Delaware DEFER Retirement Savings Program for state employees to over 22,000 participants.

Why It Matters: New account growth increased by 13% over the last year for State employees with their supplemental retirement savings. Delaware DEFER is an integral part of the state employee retirement plan, and strengthening this system helps Delaware to recruit and maintain the highest quality workforce, ensuring our state has the talent to shape the future.

College and Career Readiness

Colleen has Grown the Delaware 529 Education Savings Plan to over 23,000 Participants.

Why It Matters: The number of Delawareans with education savings accounts grew by 9% over the past year. The dream of higher education remains out of reach for too many of Delaware’s students, that's why Colleen fought for legislation that creates a much needed tax deduction on contributions, allowing families to invest tax-free dollars towards a student’s education.

Fiscal Stewardship

When Colleen took office in 2019, Delaware was staring down a $255 million shortfall for 2020. However, Colleen’s quick and thoughtful action ensured that Delaware not only was able to pay its bills, but had a surplus of $1.12 billion in 2021 without raising taxes on our families.


Why It Matters: Under this leadership, Delaware has the financial security to invest in key infrastructure upgrades and services our families need to thrive.

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