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A  Winning Vision:

Serving as Delaware’s Treasurer has meant fighting for hardworking families, seniors and the vulnerable, to help keep them safe and secure.


Now I’m running for Congress because we need leaders who know what families go through, who will protect our fundamental rights and fight for our children’s future.

Davis for Delaware Logo
Davis for Delaware Logo

An Empowering Voice for Positive Change

Colleen Davis Campaign

Overcoming challenges through shared values and hard work

"When I was a little girl, my dad’s business went bankrupt and my family lost everything, all the way down to my dollhouse. We moved to Delaware to start over, and went from rental home to rental home, school to school, and even experienced homelessness.


That struggle doesn’t define me, but it has driven me to help prevent other families from falling through the cracks."

Through her personal experience and her work as Delaware Treasurer since 2018, Colleen Davis has a deep understanding of what middle and working class families go through, and has fought to lower the cost of living in Delaware.


She has worked to expand everyone’s ability to save for retirement through the creation of the Delaware EARNS program, and has expanded access to savings accounts and banking across underprivileged and vulnerable communities through her work to grow ABLE accounts and on the Banking Desert Initiative.


As a former ambulance driver and physician assistant in neurosurgery and obstetrics, Colleen has cared for a child killed by a violent gunman, single parents without insurance and women in need of critical reproductive care. She knows that healthcare must be accessible and affordable for everyone, and that no one should take away a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions.

Colleen Davis and her constituent
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